Design Scope
 Airy Open Floor Plan

Inspiration ⟶

Project Scope ⟶

Space : Open floor plan Living Room & Dining Area

Price Point : $5,000-$10,000

Client Specifics : Neutrals mixed with pops of bold color, layered textures, natural elements.

Final Thoughts ⟶

Along with creating a layered, lush space, this project was a real test to my Photoshop skills! I wanted to represent the dining & living room together, so the design could be viewed as seamless and cohesive. After the completion I was bummed I didn't record the build...

This client was especially interested in mixing her and her husbands personal styles to create a seamless hybrid between bohemian and modern styles. Working with layered textiles and streamlined angles in the furniture pieces, I think we achieved just that. I would love to sit in this space with those beautiful doors open letting in the sweet Cali sunshine! ☀

☞ All Photoshop renderings are sourced and created by Carolynne Kelly. Inspiration images are for inspiration purpose only. I will always link to the origin of posting if possible. The renderings posted on this blog are slightly altered out of respect for my clients and their personalized & curated designs.