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Small Apartment, how should I decorate?

When scrolling through Pinterest, Houzz . . .

. . . even Google Images in search of holiday decor inspiration, we're immediately shown breathtaking homes with staircases draped in garland, fireplace mantels decked to the 9's and of course massive, grandeur 12 foot Christmas trees just drenched in holiday charm. What about the little guys? The 800-SQ foot studios? The 1-bedroom apartments? In this BlogMas post, I'm narrowing in on the top 2 elements to focus on while decorating your small space. 

Focus No. 1 : Height

If your apartment is lacking in with, look up! Bring the eye upwards towards your ceiling. Utilizing the ceiling as a decor focal point will free up floor space, and create the feeling of a larger & taller room. Using decor with a designated color palette (primarily light) will help keep the decor feel cohesive and organized. 

Another great small space saving tip is to use your open walls for your holiday decor. In Image 3, we see a fantastic use of an empty wall space by creating a DIY christmas tree with natural garland and ornaments. This frees up floor space in a tiny aparment, and can be completely customized with a minimalist look, or a full, bushy feel you'd get with a real x-mas tree!

Focus No. 2 : Light

I'm a huge fan of ambient light - (hardly ever use the ceiling fixtures in my apartment) - especially string lights during the holiday season (shh -- I keep them up year 'round). The warm casted light of twinkling christmas strands warms up any small space immediately. Ambient lighting is so important to creating a cozy and comfortable space during the holiday season - and utilizing it in windows, and on walls in small apartment spaces helps to make the space feel larger.

A combination of height & light is a no-brainer in a small space. Again, this draws the eye upwards, accentuating the height of the space - eliminates floor obstruction and provides additonal ambient lighting that always makes a space feel bigger.

Do you have any fool-proof tips for decorating in a small space? Let me know in the comments section! Happy Decorating!