Design Breakdown 03
Curated & Collected Dining Space

I was immediately struck by the airiness of this beautiful SoCal dining room in designer Gwendolyn Gibbish‘s own home. I especially love the collected feel, as if all of these pieces were chosen over time, but have come together in the present as a very cohesive selection. I love the mixture of metallics vs. the natural rattan dining chairs and greenery, and the bright pop of color from that fantastic blue credenza. This room is to die for!

Keep scrolling for an original breakdown of this space just over $3500! I encourage you to start with a base like this and build your look with your own found treasures along the way. 

(Click here) to take a peek at Laurel & Wolf’s feature article on Gwendolyn’s beautiful home!

Design Scope
 Layered Boho Bedroom

Inspiration ⟶

Project Scope ⟶

Space : Master Bedroom

Price Point : $5,500-$7,500

Client Specifics : Neutrals mixed with pops of bold color, layered textures, painted accent wall.

Final Thoughts ⟶

What a fun space to work with! My client was extremely open to experimentation and was ready and willing to paint such a deep color on her accent wall -- score!!! We had a healthy budget to accomplish what was needed in the space, with a ton of room for play. Balancing color selection and distribution throughout the space between light and dark was a challenge but I think we totally nailed it. It's important to consider natural lighting sources when painting with darker colors. Luckily we were working with tall ceilings and a ton of natural light pouring in from several spots in this room. This space has totally inspired me to pick up the brush and give a dark color a go on one of my own walls... I wonder if my landlord would think the same... ☻

☞ All Photoshop renderings are sourced and created by Carolynne Kelly. Inspiration images are for inspiration purpose only. I will always link to the origin of posting if possible. The renderings posted on this blog are slightly altered out of respect for my clients and their personalized & curated designs.