Design That Makes Me Smile
Fall 2017

Do you ever see something that just makes you feel warm inside? Maybe it's a puppy, maybe it's a piece of birthday cake, or maybe it's really, really good design. For me it'd be all 3, but this is a design blog, so I'm going to post my top 5 photo finds this month.

Reflecting on this month's Top 5, we're seeing a trend. I mean -- it's quite obvious we're going super Scandinavian this season and I'm not bothered by that one bit. I think it's because of the new, bright apartment we're now in, I'm less about dark accents and into a really light, bright palate focusing on texture & pattern. I think this is because this is exactly the opposite of what I'm stuck with right now, and thats OKAY - because good design comes with time, but wow would I do anything to snap my fingers and my living room would look like image #3!