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 Dark Wall Master Bedroom

Inspiration ⟶

Project Scope ⟶

Space : Dark Wall Master Bedroom

Price Point : $5,000-$10,000

Client Specifics :  Deep blue/gray walls, layered colors and textures, small workspace needed.

Final Thoughts ⟶

I love having the opportunity to work with clients that are open to experiment with bold color. Luckily, this project began with a specific request for deep, dark blue walls. I immediately got to work layering textures and colors to compliment the dark walls, and enough light sources to eliminate the somewhat "tight" feeling dark walls can create. I think the space turned out beautifully. I can't wait to play with dark color again!


☞ All Photoshop renderings are sourced and created by Carolynne Kelly. Inspiration images are for inspiration purpose only. I will always link to the origin of posting if possible. The renderings posted on this blog are slightly altered out of respect for my clients and their personalized & curated designs.

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Rustic Kids Bedroom

Project Inspiration ⟶

Project Mood Board ⟶

Space : Rustic Kids Bedroom

Playful, layered, elevated, functional.

Final Thoughts ⟶

I'm always conflicted about my favorite type of design style. I love clean modern lines, and minimalism when I'm browsing through Pinterest looking for ideas on new breakdowns and design highlights. But when I begin to think about how I actually like to decorate my personal spaces - I am always drawn to warm, cozy, layered, unique looks.

In this mood board, inspired by the chilly weather in Philly, I created a cozy and comfortable kids mountain/camping/woodland themed bedroom. I love the mixture of colors and textures, the traditional plaid drapes mixed with the knobby wood and marble side table. Everything comes together in a cohesive way creating the perfect little retreat. :)