Design Scope
 SONOS Design Challenge

I was so excited to hear that Laurel & Wolf was pairing with Sonos for a Design Board Challenge! We were encouraged to create a "dream workspace" that emulated the style of the Sonos PLAY:1 mini portable speaker.

Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that provides clear and rich sound for music, movies and TV. The PLAY:1 is part of their mini home speaker line, that is surprisingly mighty for it's small size. It's such a unique piece that can blend in with any decor, but stand out with its sleek shape. It's small scale is perfect for bookshelves, nooks or other convenient spots. Another plus -- it's humidity resistant, which means you can jam out in the shower without a worry, or have a backyard mini-concert. It provides great-sounding music anywhere. Love!

When thinking about my "dream" office, I immediately pictured a space full of natural light, plants and pattern. I wanted to create a space that emulated the sleek and modern look of the Sonos PLAY:1, but paid homage to my rather eclectic personal style. I truly cannot work without music, so the PLAY:1 is a must, and I have it positioned in a perfect, nestled-in spot in West Elm's Linden Mid Century Shelf Unit that would provide great-sounding music throughout the entire space. Also -- what's a dream workspace without a golden retriever? I mean how cute is that guy!

Take a look below at my design submission!

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