Design Scope
 Layered Boho Bedroom

Inspiration ⟶

Project Scope ⟶

Space : Master Bedroom

Price Point : $5,500-$7,500

Client Specifics : Neutrals mixed with pops of bold color, layered textures, painted accent wall.

Final Thoughts ⟶

What a fun space to work with! My client was extremely open to experimentation and was ready and willing to paint such a deep color on her accent wall -- score!!! We had a healthy budget to accomplish what was needed in the space, with a ton of room for play. Balancing color selection and distribution throughout the space between light and dark was a challenge but I think we totally nailed it. It's important to consider natural lighting sources when painting with darker colors. Luckily we were working with tall ceilings and a ton of natural light pouring in from several spots in this room. This space has totally inspired me to pick up the brush and give a dark color a go on one of my own walls... I wonder if my landlord would think the same... ☻

☞ All Photoshop renderings are sourced and created by Carolynne Kelly. Inspiration images are for inspiration purpose only. I will always link to the origin of posting if possible. The renderings posted on this blog are slightly altered out of respect for my clients and their personalized & curated designs.