DIY Adventures
Our Falling Leaves Window Display!

During the month of October . . . 

. . . I put up two retro pumpkin lights in our "storefront" windows getting into the Halloween spirit. The neighborhood attention was CRAZY! Since my desk set up is close to the window, I always heard the "ooh's and ahh's" of the neighborhood kids, and we got a ton of compliments when passing out candy. 

I knew we had a perfect canvas for some more "grand" displays, so for the month of November, inspired by our own maple tree leaves falling in front of the apartment, I created our own "falling leaves" display with just a few simple, and inexpensive materials. 


Materials Used ⟶

That's it :)


The final look was so adorable, and really just as big of a hit as the Halloween pumpkins. Get ready for Christmas ya'll - I'm now the Macy's window rep of the block. It's gonna be big! 


I'd love to know what your fall-themed decor looks like this year! Let me know in the comments section below!