Design Scope 
Streamlined vs Eclectic

Inspiration ⟶

Project Scope ⟶

Space : Master Bedroom

Price Point : Under $2,500

Client Specifics : No hard edges, no striking colors, love white — amp up the texture!

Final Thoughts ⟶

Clean vs. Eclectic – What a showdown! I really enjoyed working with this space. This submission was inspired by texture. Rather than loading the space up with color, we chose to utilize the texture & shape provided by the pieces themselves. Choosing to stick with a main color palette of B&W, we were able to add an element of sophistication to the space. With the addition of the bamboo blinds, succulents/plant and jute area rug, we created an oasis-like space combining the crisp streamlined B&W look with texture provided by natural elements. The battle between streamlined and “contemporary eclectic” is always a tough one – how to stay clean & modern – while adding a twist of uniqueness to the space. I think we found a happy medium!

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