e-interior design services


eclectic abode’s e-design packages provide a full scale re-design of a room that does not require renovation or space planning work. Working with pieces both new and existing, we collaborate to create a space that is stylish and functional for you and your family. All communication is performed online through e-mail correspondence during business hours.

You’re a perfect candidate for e-design if you are able to :

  • Collaborate 100% through an online platform during normal business hours.

  • Accurately measure and photograph your space.

  • Articulate through inspiration images and product links exactly what you like/dislike.

  • Order & organize shipping and returns for your project.

  • Hire any additional local help such as painters, contractors, etc. on your own post completion.

Let's start designing the space you deserve ⟶

Send me a quick message, we'll finalize the details later.

If you feel like e-mailing me directly, you can reach out to hey.cgk@gmail.com.

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"Working with Carolynne was a fantastic experience." 

“I have been struggling to figure out how to use the space for a long time. In just a few short conversations she captured both the style I was looking for and all the function I wanted to incorporate better than I could have imagined. The space is going to be amazing when it all comes together.”

Tonya in Mukileto, WA

"She is so talented at combining colors and textures to create beautiful, unified rooms."

"Carolynne was so great to work with, and we are thrilled with our final designs. She kept in mind all our concerns and goals when creating our designs, was very receptive to our feedback, and was always willing to make changes until we reached the perfect design."

Arielle in Brooklyn, NY

"I'd highly recommend working with her - you'll find a dedicated, understanding designer."

"I absolutely adored working with Carolynne. She was unfailingly enthusiastic and helpful through each round of design changes, and very understanding about the form and function I wanted from the room."

Karyn in Cupertino, CA