about the abode


Working through a 100% online platform, eclectic abode provides clients with meaningful design for a fraction of the cost of traditional interior design. Based out of Philadelphia, I work with clients all across the country (and the world) providing full scale e-design services.

E-design is a perfect fit for clients who don’t mind taking on the extra step of installing & arranging in house with full designer direction and expertise.

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carolynne kelly,

e-designer, visual artist & virtual stager

Born and raised in North Jersey right outside of Manhattan, Carolynne was exposed to culture and creative outlets her entire life. Finding herself happier in art classes than pretty much any other activity, and with parents that were incredibly encouraging of her artistic side, Carolynne knew her direction in life would be in some form of creative expression.

At Temple University, Tyler School of Art, Carolynne explored many directions of art and design, falling in love with textiles, fabrics and material studies.

Working as a member of the visual team for west elm as well as in the backrooms of to-the-trade fabric studios, Carolynne absorbed as much valuable information as she could, learning about interior design in a variety of facets. When it was time to graduate, she dove head first into e-design and developing a clientele base all on her own.

eclectic abode is a small-scale interior design studio & blog that brings a fresh perspective to the traditional interior design process. Carolynne creates meaningful designs, specifically catered to the interests of her clients and what will adapt best in their life.

Carolynne currently lives and works out of Philadelphia, PA with her boyfriend Nick and their Puerto Rican rescue pup, Lola. In her free time she enjoys seeing live music, hiking with her dog and drinking wine on her front stoop.


a really good girl

Lola is my professional good girl. She helps by bringing excellent vibes into the setting and of course gives the final say on each project that goes through the studio.

Lola’s current trick record:

  • Sit / down / under (legs) / around (body)

  • Shake

  • “up up” (jump)

  • spin

  • sit pretty

  • “where’s your nose?”

  • Weave (through legs)